Who We Are

  • Headquartered in Omaha , Nebraska, for the past 27 years, AB has conceptualized, researched and developed novel, effective solutions to unmet technical needs as they apply to medicine and veterinary medicine.

  • The team at AB are professionals who approach every challenge realizing that solutions are needed today, not 10 years from now. For the last 27 years, we have quietly combined the skill sets of scientific creativity, technical know-how and entrepreneurship to bring to life concepts that were merely thought of as “good ideas” by others.

Innovations in Veterinary Medicine

  • Antibiotic resistance has been linked to their misuse. In veterinary practice, this has resulted in fewer and fewer effective antibiotics being available.

  • AB has developed technologies that now make it possible to accurately identify individuals who are naturally resistant to environmental stress and disease thus making the industry less reliant on use of antibiotics.

  • Promogen™ Evaluation uses an assay developed by Anova Biosciences that quickly and accurately identifies superior breeding animals, both dairy and beef, and predicts their future positive contribution to the bottom line. Visit the Promogen website for further information.

What Is Innate Immunity and Why is it Important?

  • When a virus or bacteria first enter a body, they trigger a defensive, natural response in the body whose purpose is to prevent that virus or bacteria from establishing itself. This is called the Innate Immune Response.

  • AB research has shown that not all individuals have the same ability to fight back. These individuals are inherently at greater risk when they are pathogenically challenged.

  • AB has developed a technology to identify these individuals and has focused on finding ways to either stimulate or supplement innate immunity.

Innovations in Medicine

  • With the onslaught of COVID-19, AB has responded with the development of a rapid, accurate diagnostic tool—a test that can “see” the triggering of the innate or natural immunological response.

  • It does this by measuring the concentration of specific proteins, called Defensins, in a few drops of blood. Defensins are produced within a few hours after an individual has been infected with the virus. This makes it possible to detect the virus, days before it becomes possible using other methods.

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